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Where the sand meets the sea

From Noble 33, creators of the high-energy, fine-dining concept Toca Madera, comes an enlightened vision of life lived alfresco. With a carefully curated atmosphere and exquisite decor, Casa Madera is a gourmet experience for all the senses.

A fresh-looking octopus dish

mexican coastal cuisine

When you first step into Casa Madera, you immediately recognize something inherently inviting. Time slows as you dip into a warm, immersive experience that revolves around the ubiquitous tradition of celebrating each meal...

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A cocktail is showcased with some aromatics on a slab of wood.

A feast for all the senses

We believe we eat with our senses: what we see, smell, and feel is part of the experience as a whole. This philosophy translates into the most mesmerizing dinner you’ll ever have. Prepare to be amazed.

Restaurant interior with tables set and ready for patrons.

An immersive dining experience

Each visit to Casa Madera transports guests to a boho-chic coastal atmosphere where a captivating vibe welcomes wanderers from all paths.


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West Hollywood, California

Sunday Rituals

Sunday, April 9, 2023 at 5:00 PM

Back by popular demand, Casa Madera celebrates another magical "Sunday Rituals" party on Sunday, April 9th.

Escape the ordinary as you indulge in a transportive dining experience starting at 3:00pm. Enjoy delicious culinary creations while being mesmerized by live performances including instrumentalists and DJ's.

Book your table now and experience this unique dining celebration.


Experience Casa Madera

Celebrate the culinary traditions of the Mayan Riviera through an all-encompassing, immersive experience.